Do You Have These 9 Skills Of A Great Content Marketing Manager ?

A decade ago, we had probably not even heard about the job role of a Content Marketing Manager.

In no time, with the influx of social media and all things digital in our lives, the importance of content marketing has exploded.

Marketing magnates such as Seth Godin go on to suggest how they feel Content Marketing is the only kind of marketing left.

In this game-changing marketing trend, every company today aspires to spend dollars on content marketing in some form or the other.

With that, the role of a content marketing manager becomes an extremely important one.

As one in the grind yourself, you know it is way harder than it appears to do your job well.

In order to thrive in this industry of cut-throat competition and constant change, there are some skills/traits crucial in the arsenal of every ambitious content marketing manager.

9 Must Have Skills of A Great Content Marketing Manager

Here’s the success mantra to own the game at content marketing.

Give yourself points against these traits singled out.


The most important trait for any content marketer is to have empathy.

The holy grail for any content marketing activity is to get the prospect’s attention.

The idea is to provide content that is useful for them and bring them to our marketing funnel. 

In order to determine if it is useful for the audiences or not, it is essential to think from their shoes.

Hence empathy is a non-negotiable skill for any successful content marketer.

Strategic Thinking

Every field requires a strategic planner to lay out the execution framework.

Any work that is done without a strategy rarely brings significant results.

Content Marketing is no exception to this.

With the amount of content that is churned every minute online, it is very difficult to make a mark.

It is fascinating to note that more than 20 million posts have already been published today in just half a day.

Succeeding in this over competitive environment needs a well thought out strategy by the Content Marketer.

The strategy should be based on key areas like company and product knowledge, customer insight, market insight.

The content marketing manager needs to be skilled to set clear goals that are time-bound, measurable.

Further, they need to define a plan for the team to achieve those goals.

Strategic thinking is an absolute must-have!

Thirst For Learning

A content marketer’s role is a highly dynamic one. It is prey to a constantly changing ecosystem.

In this scenario, it is highly important to be abreast with latest developments in order to maintain position.

Eagerness to learn and keep track of changes differentiates a successful content marketing manager from one who is not.

There is no end to acquiring knowledge in this field and good managers make the best use of the research to improve their strategies.

A good understanding of how the bandwagon operates is crucial in defining the success scale.

Grasp of Creative Design

Content is not only textual. It can take the form of audio, video, static graphics and so on.

Human beings are highly visual beings and comprehend visuals faster than text.

If we go by trends in social media, videos, gifs, and images dominate the scene as compared to textual posts.

They resonate very well with all kinds of audiences.

In addition, creatives have an aesthetic appeal which enables any endeavor to stand out instantly if well done.

As a Content Marketing Manager, it is important to have a good grasp of design psychology and effectiveness.

You need not be a graphic designer or a video editor but need to understand what works visually and what doesn’t.

Only then can you navigate your team to a direction that spells success.

Copywriting Skills

Along with an understanding of visuals, a grip of smart content writing is also a must-have skill.

Whether it’s an ad copy, a blog article or a social media post, the copy has to compelling enough to draw attention.

More often than not, the headline determines whether you have your prospect’s attention or not.

Earning the right to attention is the whole premise behind content marketing.

You can read this article to learn the simplest steps along with examples to turn into a great copywriter quickly.


Everybody loves humor. Period,

Injecting humor of any form into the content raises its resonating abilities with all kinds of audiences.

It also increases the chances of receiving shares and so on.

Moreover, if humor is your inherent trait, it helps you bond better with your team and keeps them motivated on long days.

We all love funny managers, don’t we?

Analytical Abilities

The beauty of online marketing is that it makes measuring responses almost instant.

In order to extract maximum benefit from practicing content marketing in the digital age, it is important to have a good grasp over analyzing data.

Data is the only full proof answer to what is working and what is not.

A successful content marketer always follows what the data has to tell.

There are many metrics that are available.

The content marketing manager needs to single out the most relevant ones.

The next step is to then bootstrap the strategy to achieve the best results.

Innovative Streak

An innovative streak is highly valued in a content marketer.

With so much content proliferation online, an innovation that resonates is highly sought after.

A fearless, streetsmart content marketing manager who never fails at innovating always stands out.

Leadership & Collaborative Skills

The job of a content marketing manager involves switching many hats.

Sometimes it is about strategizing. Other times about executing. Finally, also measuring results and bootstrapping.

It is a fairly long procedure practically and involves collaboration with different individuals in each role.

The individuals could be internal team members or external agencies, journalists and so on.

Unless the content marketing manager has good collaborative skills, the smooth conduct is sure to suffer.


Do you feel any other skills are as important as these in your experience?

Will love to learn from you in the comments below.


Written by Kinzal Jalan
Kinzal is a content marketing consultant based in India. She is experienced in successfully strategizing and executing campaigns across industry verticals including Real Estate, Healthcare, Software Services, F&B. In this blog, she shares actionable tips, ideas, and case studies to help you achieve excellence in marketing.