Whatsapp Business App – Everything You Need To Know

After immense speculation about what is the Whatsapp Business App, the company went official with its plans in late 2017. This January, the company has launched its first version supporting android usable by businesses.

Heres everything you need to know about the Whatsapp for business version, including a quick setup guide.

What is Whatsapp Business App?

WhatsApp Business is a mobile application built exclusively for small businesses. The app is an exclusive interface to manage the communication of the business with its customers.

With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

Why Can Whatsapp Business App Be A Game Changer for Small Businesses?

The simplicity and convenience Whatsapp brought to the personal text messaging space has revolutionised the way people all across the globe communicate.

The penetration of Whatsapp is such that more than 1 billion people across 180 nations use the app for communicating.

WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.

In this widespread penetration of reliance on Whatsapp, lies a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their potential and actual customers. The response and reaction rate through communication via Whatsapp is likely to be much higher than any others means owing to its customer dependency. 

Realising the same, the company in Jan 2018 launched its Whatsapp Business App in its Android version.

Features of Whatsapp Business App

The Whatsapp Business App comes with a host of business-friendly features which makes it easier to use than the regular interface –

Dedicated Business Profile

It helps to distinguish the profile as a business including important features like business description, address, email, website.

This gives an edge in terms of professionalism.

Quick Reply Feature

Every business has a set of common questions its customers face. The business version of Whatsapp offers a unique feature of saving answers to common queries.

This helps in replying promptly and cutting down on the time to retype or look for the same answer written earlier in the archive.

Its the perfect formula to talk more in less time.


This feature is similar to a chatbot we see on many professional websites.

It allows presetting default messages that can be sent.

For instance, you can preset an away message when you know you will be unable to answer so that your customers know when to expect a response.

You could also automate a greeting message for customers as an introduction to your business or services


Any marketing communication through a digital medium is incomplete without a backing of numerical response analysis.

Whatsapp for business integrates this must-have feature by providing important metrics such as how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read.

How to Start Using Whatsapp Business App

The current Whatsapp Business App is available for only Android devices. So in order to gain immediate access, you need an Android phone.

Whatsapp allows using only one mobile number per account. In that case, you require a mobile number dedicated to your business account. In case you use the same number for your personal WhatsApp account, you will need a separate sim card to register the business version.

If you already have a separate business sim that you use in Whatsapp, here are the steps to integrate it with Whatsapp Business –

1. Backup your data to cloud storage – This can be done by navigation as  Chats>Chat Backup>Backup.
2. Download the Whatsapp Business App from Playstore and verify your number.
3. Then you can restore previous chat that you took a backup of in step 1.
4. You can now set up your business details by navigating to Settings>Business Settings>Profile. This has fields similar to a contact card and you can fill information you want to share with your customer.

Even though this is a rudimentary version which does not allow you to search for businesses on the app, it can be really powerful in simplifying business communication.


Written by Kinzal Jalan
Kinzal is a content marketing consultant based in India. She is experienced in successfully strategizing and executing campaigns across industry verticals including Real Estate, Healthcare, Software Services, F&B. In this blog, she shares actionable tips, ideas, and case studies to help you achieve excellence in marketing.